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2012 CTBUH Semi-Finalist

Site: Xishuangbanna, China Institution: Tongji University Competition: CTBUH 2nd Annual Student Competition - 2012 Reimagining Tall

Rui Chen, Xunan Wang, Yang Li, and Waishan Qiu

Rainforest are extremely important because 90% of the genes can be found in it. However the area of rainforest on this planet is decreasing rapidly. There are two main areas which host rainforest, one is amazon and the other is southeast of Asia, which includes Xishuangbanna.The amount of rainforest in China is becoming increasingly small and the reason is, to our research, the plant of RUBBER TREES. The winning proposal is a tower to plant rubber trees which is featured by planting trees spirally. This shape comes from how people get rubber from a rubber tree, and the shape of spiral can make the rubber liquid flow automatically which can make it easier to collect.

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