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Urban Data Morphosis Lab (UDML) is a research group based in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. Founded by Waishan Qiu, it focuses on urban dynamics, geo-spatial analysis, big data visualization, and computational urban design. Partnerships include:


Beijing Artisan Education Technology Group is an educational research institute in China. UDML is pleased to welcome Artisan, as a member and supporter of the UDML.

Atoms Atelier | 本源实验室

Atoms Atelier was founded by a group of architecture and urbanism graduates at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2016. It has been specializing in a custom design portfolio, urban studies, and design computation courses. logo is a startup based in Boston, utilizing edge computing and artificial intelligence to provide realtime driving assistants to drivers, driving behavior analytics to insurance companies based on street-level informatics.

W-all is a startup looking at the reduction of architecture into one sustainable unit where all the mechanical-ecological functions of a house are concentrated and managed. It is based at MIT.

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