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Polygon Facade | Hengtai Maanshan

Professional Work @ ADOS Architects | 04/2015


The original massing is a irregular polygon. To emphasize the facade and render better commercial atmosphere, more accurate sub-division of the polygon surface is implemented. A gradient color system from orange to blue is employed as well. One of the most challenging thing is deploying Grasshopper and Rhino to unroll the detail facade drawings.   

20150424-Hengtai 115_页面_02.jpg
20150424-Hengtai 115_页面_06.jpg
20150424-Hengtai 115_页面_09.jpg
20150424-Hengtai 115_页面_07.jpg
20150424-Hengtai 115_页面_08.jpg
20150424-Hengtai 115_页面_10.jpg
20150424-Hengtai 115_页面_11.jpg
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