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Productive Regeneration of Waterfront

Minsheng Wharf, Pudong District, Shanghai, China 

MIT Beijing Studio | 06/2016 | 

Advisor: Prof. Dennis Frenchman, Prof. Jota

Teammate: Pamela Bellavita, Grisha Enikolopov, Sera Tolgay, Nan Xie, Xiangya Xie


We envision Minsheng Food Wharf as an anchor institution that will integrate the research, production, experience and culture of food. New ways of producing food, such as indoor hydroponic farming, allow for compact production in climate-controlled environments, with low water requirements and without pesticides. Operating at the water-energy-food nexus, our closed loop system will lower the footprint of food production and create jobs that draw from different disciplines and skills. By integrating agricultural and biotechnology research, indoor hydroponic farming and quality standards, culinary education and food incubators, Minsheng Food Wharf will help spur innovation throughout the production chain and invite visitors from surrounding neighborhoods, throughout Shanghai and beyond to have a complete food experience. Our proposed food production capacity will also serve the wider Shanghai area as a source of reliable and healthy produce that will be delivered via water transport.

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