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Hengfu Lifestyle

A New Historic and Culture Icon of Shanghai

Hengshan-Fuxing Rd Area, Xujiahui District, Shanghai, China 

Award: Finalist, 2016 Shanghai Urban Design Challenge | 10/2016 

Held by Shanghai Urban Planning Bureau

Cooperator: Nan XIE, Wangyue XU


Besides Pudong Lujiazui (陆家嘴), Shanghai needs a more human scale, livable, and cultural-diverse city image and icon to envision it as an international metropolitan. Xujiahui District, especially Hengshan-fuxing Rd zone, is definitely the best area and has the most potentials. The historic district was once French Concession, with a nice walk-able urban scale, elegant architecture styles, and a delicate lifestyle. Cafes, restaurants, boutiques, brew-age, pubs, clubs, etc. You can find anything that is a combination of classic and modern here. To celebrate the lifestyle, our proposal envision a network of pedestrian connecting the metro lines, plazas, historic buildings. According to a space syntax simulation, several section of the streets are re-designed to become multi-usage space that hold cultural/ commercial/ recreation programs throughout a year.

Slow-traffic Network that connect parks, plazas, historic buildings, and metro stations.


Street Regeneration | Sections and Axons Prototypes

Conner Parks | Neighborhood

New Streetscape | Neighborhood

Plaza | Neighborhood

Plug-in Parks | Historic Buildings 

New Streetscape | Historic Building

Plaza | Historic Buildings

Street Parks | Commercial Road

Streetscape | Commercial Buildings

Plaza | Commercial Building

Multiple Programs Throughout a Timeline

Music Festival

Movie Festival

Food Festival

New Cultural and Historic Icon for Shanghai

Street Regeneration Renders

Network Analysis | Space Syntax

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