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Bridging Last 1 KM

Spatial Sytax based Cycling Plan & Detailed Urban Design


Credits: 4 months, 2013.3-6

Final Thesis, B.E. Urban Planning, Tongji University,  Indivisual Work

Tutor: Prof. H.X.PANG, Prof. J.ZHUO

Downtown Shanghai has a highly developed public transportation system which consists of metro lines, buses and private cars. For public traffic, the density of metro stations is high enough that you can visit everywhere by foot within 20 minutes after taking tubes. The only problem left is how to bridge "the last 1 KM" between tube station and specific destinations. Moreover, its newly developed waterfront is not-so-accessible as it is out of tube stations' 1-KM service radius. 

This project first proposes a greenway plan for cyclists to solve the last 1 KM problem. It is based on existing road networks and it aims at connecting new waterfront with all the other good places of Xuhui in a rideable network. It then propose a modification detailed plan for a unnecessary huge pedestrian bridge.

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