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Branch Strategy

FICTION 2030 | New Technology Approach for Planning Communication

11.333 Urban Design Seminar | 05/2016 | 

Advisor: Dr. Jota Samper

Teammate: Hongru CAI


Urban environment as the carrier of data. Design process is the process of curating data.

It asks: Who to decide what data to collect and share? Who have the skill to digest the information?
How to translate the result into reality? How to interpret the outcome? Which party is acting at which stage? Using what method? Is tech helping the democratization of interface when decisions are made?

Even though the technology is helping more non-expert, the ability to get access to the data/information is not the same also. Because of its invisible nature, it can be hard to fully translated socioeconomic situation into the design process. Rely on the different function on different algorithms.

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