Peer Reviewed Paper
Potential for sustainable use of trees in hot arid regions: A case study of Emirati neighborhoods in Abu Dhabi
Peer Reviewed Paper
Commuting for women in Saudi Arabia: Metro to driving - Options to support women employment
Peer Reviewed Paper
A novel method for predicting and mapping the occurrence of sun glare using Google Street View
Peer Reviewed Paper
Island topographies to reduce short-circuiting in stormwater detention ponds and treatment wetlands
Final Report @ MIT workshop
Physical & Digital: Defining and Imagining Emergent Intrastructural Ecologies in Lima’s perimeter communities for 21st Century Housing
Final Report at MIT
An investigation into a livelihood based approach to the idea of HOME, where the neighborhood supports both living and working.
Wetland Project on MIT News
A solution for urban storm flooding
Engineered green spaces can capture and purify stormwater while delivering ecosystem and recreational benefits, MIT researchers report.
News on The Dirt ASLA
MIT Researchers Seek Optimal Form of Urban Stormwater Wetlands
Wetlland Project Report
Design Strategies for Urban Storm-water Wetlands
Design Report @ MIT LCAU
MCP Thesis Abstract 2017
Increasing Saudi Female's Accessibility to Job Market by Ridesharing
Report @ Harvard Kennedy School
Allowing Women to Drive in Saudi Arabia May Reduce Cost of Travel
Case Study: Riyadh
Saudi Project Presentation
Commute Cost & Access to Employment
MCP Thesis @ MIT
Increasing Saudi females' accessibility to employment via car-pooling in Riyadh : measure the realistic commute cost by network computing methods and investigate the share-ability based on actual taxi trip data
Book Chapter @ MIT
Book Chapter
MArch Urban Design 2013-2014, Bartlett School of Architecture, BPRO
Book Chapter
Design Research "Movable Shopping Mall on the Water"
on <2040 SPATIAL SCENARIO OF SHANGHAI>, {ISBN:978-7-5608-4998-0}
Translation on UPI Journal
Translation work "Critical Territory"
on <Urban Planning International > Vol.341, 2014/4
Book Contribution
Fieldtrip Report "Xinshan Village"
<RURAL COMMUNITY: Planning Standard & Design Studies>, Directed by Prof. YANG Guiqing, {ISBN 978-7-112-13938-5}
Book Contribution
Fieldtrip Report "Xinshan Village"
<RURAL CHINA: report on Chinese rural settlements 2010>, Directed by Prof. YANG Guiqing, {ISBN 978-7-5608-4635-4}
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