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Branch Strategy

Seamless Transition | Interface for Autonomous Boat

Roboat Project, Amsterdam, at Senseable City Lab 

Graduate Student Research Assistant | 07-08/2017 

Advisor: Prof. Dennis Frenchman, Prof. Fabio, Prof. Carlo Ratti

Project team: Daniel Marshall (MIT M.Arch), Levent Özruh (Bartlett M.Arch), Lenna


The research focuses on the use case of Roboat autonomous boat system for Amsterdam city. By hitting the google traffic transition api, we find out that deriving from city center of Amsterdam, by current on-land public transportation system, a visitor needs in average at least 1.1 times of mode change. Consider the busy traffic on roads and the difficulties for visitors to take multi-transit to get to a site, the canal network and autonomous boat at has large potential to take some of the load on touristic traffic sde. This design research focuses on how to design seamless transition interface between boat ant bank for  tourism purposes.

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