Riyadh Taxi Trips
Big Data Visualization, with MIT Civic Data Design Lab & Harvard Kennedy School
Seamless Transition
Interface for Autonomous Boat System, @MIT Senseable City Lab
Interface for Autonomous Boat, @MIT Senseable City Lab
Strategy for Stormwater Wetland
J-WAFS funded research at MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism
Re-tailing Agency
M.ARCH. Thesis with Distinction
Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Coupling Territory
Mathematical Model and Urban Design, @ UCL
Digital Physical Lima
MIT IAP workshop in Lurin River Region, Lima, Peru
New Neighborhood
Environment Design Strategy for Affordable Housing in Cartagena, Colombia
Affordable Housing
Visualization, Mapping
Housing+ Exhibit
MIT LCAU Biennale 2018
Riyadh GO
Visualizing the Commute Cost in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Big Data, Visualization & Society
MIT Keller Gallery, 2016 Nov-Dec
Zero Carbon Emission
Abu Dhabi Scenario Planning & Design of New Sustainable Neighborhood Forms
Resilient Linkage
Xujiahui Sports Park
Award: 3rd Prize, 2016 SUDC
Rural Urbanism
Towards a rural-urban network, @ MIT
Porous Neighborhood
Resilient Urban Design, @ MIT
Food Wharf
MIT-Tsinghua Beijing Studio
Bridging Last 1 KM
Cyclist Behaviors based Cycling Network Plan and Detailed Urban Design
Chongqing Children Sports Park
Professional work
Aunt's House
Completed in 2017
Shenzhen Haiyang New Town Proposal
Urban Design
Longgang Harbor
Urban Design
AKQA Office
Professional Work @ ADOS Architect
Uncle House 1
A rural house in Fujian
XTecher Qingdao Office
Co-working and Startup Space, Interior Design
Penetrating Lilong
Professional Work @ Standardarchitecture
Twisting Tower
AWARD: 2012 CTBUH Student Design Competition, Semi-Finalist
Hengfu Lifestyle
Historic Regeneration
Award: Finalist, 2016 SUDC
Re-gridding Watertown
2012 CUPEN National Students Urban Design Competition, 2nd Prize
Re-order Railway Park
Industry Heritage Regeneration
Farming Community
AWARD: 2012 National Green Buildings Design Competition, 3rd Prize
Fiction 2030
New Technology Approach for Planning Meeting Communication
Littoral Gradient Interface
UI/UX Design, and online Mapping Interface
Center for Advanced Urbanism, MIT
Retailing Agency Exhibit
Bartlett B-Pro Show, Oct 2014
US Impress Photo Exhibition
Tongji University College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Sep 2012
Cardboard House
Material & Construction
Smile Faces
3rd Prize, International College Students Snow Sculpture Competition, Jan 2012 in Harbin
Hengtai Harbin Showroom
Professional Work @ ADOS Architect
Polygon Facade
Professional Work @ ADOS Architect
Cardboard House
Material & Construction
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